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    3x03 | 3x15

    Wifey putting him in awkward situations.

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    plot twist: two male characters are platonic friends and the fandom appreciates them as such

    or females.

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    Unpopular opinion: I think Killian Jones has the best redemption arc of them all, not messy, not victim blaming, just a beautiful flawed man turning into a hero

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    are u picking up what i’m putting down

    i’m not saying new main couple i’m just saying new main couple

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    Yes.. even off camera he scratches his head with his hook 

    He’s so adorable… No words.

    Part 14:http://kayleoon.tumblr.com/post/92462537037/jennifer-morrison-and-colin-odonoghue-on-set

    Taken July 17 2014

    Click on the photos to enlarge! some are cut off

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  • Any cute stories you can share with us about Colin and Jen? They seem so close on set!



    They do seem to be very good friends! Because Jen and Colin have many scenes together, they frequently arrive and leave set together. Whenever security doesn’t do it, I always see Colin being a gentleman and opening and closing car doors for Jen. In between takes, they chat and laugh and it seems like they have a really good time.

    One time, during a take, I think Jen may have screwed up because she suddenly bent down and was like “Ugh!” and Colin burst out laughing and patted her on the back.