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  • Kitsis: But in a real way. Emma has had a lifetime of putting up walls, so one kiss does not mean love and [let’s] go register at Pottery Barn. As for Hook, we’re going to see some old rivalries. We can’t forget that as much as he loves Emma and has done the right thing for her, we’ve seen him do horrible things in the past because he’s a pirate. He and Rumpelstiltskin unfortunately are going to find their detente coming to an end.

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    Which couples on the show are you rooting for?

    All of them? I believe in love, you know, free love, but you know… (x)

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                                                        The Fall.



                                                            The Fall.
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    I ship this brotp SO HARD.

    Love their friendship

    and i love how the O’donoghue family love Jen (‘:

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  • Them, I liked → Robin and Marian [2/?]

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  • "You two lost? You look lost to me."


    The first words that Peter Pan says to Killian and Liam Jones. 


    Why hasn’t more been said about this? The fact that Peter Pan immediately recognized the Jones brothers as being LOST. Not to mention the fact that the music in this scene first introduces Killian’s theme played on… guess what… a wooden flute, which is carried to the oboe, and picked up by the strings. Could this possibly be a reference to the special pan pipes that Peter plays that can only be heard by those who feel abandoned.

    Peter Pan knew that the Jones brothers were lost — in the Neverland sense of the word. He could tell that even though they had each other, they were still abandoned. Liam’s death only makes Killian even more of a lost boy-manchild.